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Bobby Was The “Sad Fan” On Television After Arkansas Basketball Loss

Bobby Bones went to the SEC basketball tournament in Nashville over the weekend to watch Arkansas play and was caught on TV being the “sad fan,” after their lost to Texas A&M.

He’s never been on TV before for being the “sad fan" in the crowd, and a bunch of people tagged him in the picture. Bones likes Texas A&M’s head coach, Buzz Williams, and thought they were close. He once met him on a court in Arkansas and Williams told him that he didn’t know who he was but that his kids did and asked for a picture. But when Bones asked him to come on the show, he turned him down, not because he didn’t have time, just because he didn’t want to.

Now Bones said he will have to put the curse on Texas A&M unless the head coach comes on the show, like he did with Clemson a few months ago.