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Lunchbox Saw Old Dominion Band Member On Driving Range

Lunchbox was the driving range the other day hitting some balls when he saw a celebrity in the wild, it was Old Dominion member Brad Tursi!  

There were about three people behind him, and he set up a tri-pod with a camera to record his swing. He didn’t know who it was at first, but Lunchbox said he looked like a pro-golfer by the way he was dressed. He said he was also hitting them far and straight and was really good. When Lunchbox was leaving, he got a better look at him and thought he looked like one of the members of Old Dominion. So, when he got home, he Googled him, and it was Brad Tursi!

Lunchbox recognized him but since he didn’t know his name, he didn’t say anything. Bobby Bones said next time he sees him he’s going to ask why he was so dressed up and filming himself just to be at the driving range.