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Caroline Bryan Offers To Pay For Adele Tickets For Listener

Last week, listener Elvis from Louisiana called into the show saying he and his wife had saved up all year to go to Las Vegas for their 20th anniversary. His wife is a huge Adele fan and wants to see her show while there. He wants to surprise her with tickets but they are $3,000!  

They are leaving for their trip this Friday morning. Bobby Bones checked in with him to see if he figured out what the plan was. He said they haven’t found any cheaper tickets, but still plan to go on the trip. After his phone call aired on the show last week, Bones got a text from Luke Bryan saying his wife, Caroline Bryan, heard the call and wants to help Elvis out by buying him and his wife tickets to see Adele!  

Elvis was speechless when he was told the news. He can’t wait to surprise his wife with the amazing news!  

Photo: Getty Images