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Listener Wants To Pay Lunchbox To Be At Her Wedding

Listener Hannah from St. Louis called into the show to say how much she loves Lunchbox and that one her favorite parts of the show is when he sings his champion song “All I Do Is Win.”  

She asked if he would sing it karaoke style at her wedding! She’d fly him out and pay for his accommodations. At first, Lunchbox said if she paid him $10,000, he would sing the song at the wedding and the reception. She counter offered $500, and she’d let him cut the cake.  

Once Lunchbox found out the wedding is on New Years Eve, 2024, he came back with an offer and said if he drives there, he wants $4,000, plus he gets to cut the cake and feed her and her husband the first piece. And she pays for the hotel, and he gets to bring his kids. And he wants tickets to see The Gateway Arch. She said she could meet all his demands besides pay him $4,000 since she is a teacher. They don’t have a deal as of now, but they are still negotiating. Lunchbox said he’ll bring his price down if she names her first child after him.