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Amy Wants To Sell Madame Alexander Dolls Collection

Photo: Getty Images North America

When Amy and her sister were kids, their grandmother would give them Madame Alexander dolls. They are the type of dolls that are more for decoration than playing. She got a doll for every holiday and birthday and had so many, they lined her whole room on a shelf. When she went to college, her mom packed them up. Her mom passed and her mom's friend held on to them for her. She just remembered she had them and searched how much they sell for. She found that some of them are worth up to $20,000!  

Her mom's friend is going to ship them to her, and she’ll see which dolls she has that might be worth a lot of money to sell. She wants to see if anyone on the show wants to go into business with her. Bobby Bones wants to know if any are still in the box before they list them on eBay! 

Photo: Getty Images