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Listener TJ Asks Travis Denning To Perform At Joint Birthday Party

Photo: Getty Images North America

Listener TJ called into the show wondering how much it would cost to have Travis Denning come to North Carolina to perform at a joint 30th birthday party. He said he could pay him $15-20,000 dollars.  

Denning was on the phone with Bobby Bones and TJ and said he also needs Jack Daniels and red-pepper hummus with Lays potato chips if he wants him to be at the party. Denning said the last birthday party he played was in New Jersey in September and it was awesome.  

Bones is going to get TJ in touch with Denning's people to try and work this out. Denning has a new single out called “Strawberry Wine and A Cheap Six Pack” and he is getting married in two months! 

Photo: Getty Images