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Bobby’s Bulldog In Doggy Rehab After Two ACL Surgeries

Bobby Bones shared an update on his dog, Stanley, on his two recent ACL surgeries.

The first torn ACL from six months ago is about 90% healed. But he’s still on the road to recovery with the other one he had done about a month ago. So, he took him to a Doggy Rehab to make sure he heals properly. It’s like physical therapy for dogs where they have dog underwater treadmills and obstetrical courses. Bones asked the man working there how he got into Dog Rehab because he had never heard about it. He said he used to work in sports medicine for humans and didn’t like working with athletes anymore, so he chose to start working with dogs. 

They also told him that Stanley is the best-behaved bulldog they’ve ever had. Bones recommends if you have a dog that’s been injured to take them to a Dog Rehab!