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Lunchbox Claims He’s Been Scammed With Storage Unit Shoes

Last summer, Bobby Bones and Lunchbox bought a storage unit with all the belongings in it together.

They had only seen pictures of it, but it had a bunch of shoes in it. The deal was Bones would pay for 75% of it and Lunchbox would do all the work by selling the stuff inside of it, and they’d split the money. Bones still has not seen any money though. Lunchbox claims it’s because they’re being scammed. He sold a pair of almost brand-new Bally’s dress shoes that went for $120. He shipped them to Miami, and someone signed for them upon arrival, but then they filed a report with eBay saying they never received their item. eBay did a review and granted them a $120 refund.  

eBay didn’t even give Lunchbox a chance to show the receipts. So, they lost both the shoes and the money. He feels like this person must constantly buy stuff then claim they didn’t receive it and get a refund.  Bones does believe this actually happened but said there is always something going wrong with him not getting his money from the storage locker. Lunchbox is making some money selling stuff from it and will present Bones with a check the Monday after his birthday.