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Lunchbox Upset About Eddie Being Featured On The News

Eddie attended the NCAA Tournament on Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa with Bobby Bones, Brett Eldredge and Morgan Evans to watch the Arkansas game.

They took some photos with fans, and their local news station, KCCI, reported the celebrity sighting at the game and shared the picture a fan took with Bones and Eldredge and mentioned “his producer, Eddie” on TV.  

Lunchbox was so disgusted by the news because they mentioned Eddie. He said he’s not mad that Bones or Eldredge got mentioned because they at least have some level of status, but Eddie has nothing. Eddie said they had nothing to do with it through and they were just standing there watching the game with everyone and someone took a picture, and the news ran with it. Bones defended Eddie and said he’s one half of their band The Raging Idiots and he gets paid to speak at events, which is more than what Lunchbox does.