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Amy Had To Take Online Co-Parenting Class

Last week Amy shared that she is getting a divorce, and now a lot of people have been reaching out to her with their support.

Over the last few months, she’s had to take a four-hour co-parenting class that the state of Tennessee requires people who are getting a divorce with children to take. An example of the questions is they take you through a scenario where the co-parents aren’t being nice to each other and handling the situation well and you must watch the whole scene to correctly answer the questions about how to better handle the situation. She was so nervous she was going to fail, but she only missed two questions of probably over fifty questions and passed the test!  

Ben had to take the course too and thinks the class helped them both and taught them a lot! Amy’s advice to anybody who is frustrated about having to take a co-parenting or divorce course online is to lean into it and ask questions because it will make you better and be able to be amicable.