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Lunchbox Wants Work To Pay for Las Vegas Trip With Raymundo

Raymundo is going to Las Vegas to see Sam Hunt in concert there.

He originally was going to go with his wife, but she can no longer go since their cat is injured, so he was going to go by himself. Bobby Bones and Hunt share the same management company, so he called someone and was able to get Raymundo backstage passes and better seats! Once Lunchbox heard that news, he said he would come. Now he just needs to convince his wife to let him go.  

When he told her he needed to go to Vegas with Raymundo, she said the trip was for fun and not for work. Lunchbox said it’s a work trip though because he’s going so Raymundo isn’t alone and also so he can supervise him and make sure he doesn’t get too drunk when he meets Hunt. Lunchbox now wants Bones to say it’s a work trip so his wife will let him go, but Raymundo already paid for everything, and they can’t consider it a work trip.