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Payne Lindsey on UFO Videos That Have Yet To Be Debunked

Payne Lindsey called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new podcast, High Strange, that is out now. He is focusing on one of the most popular unsolved mysteries of our time, what is truly out there and why can’t some UFO videos be debunked or explained further? 

Lindsey is attempting to break the stigma surrounding the topic of UFOs and aliens with his new podcast High Strange. The goal of his podcast is super simple, it’s just posing the question: What is really going on with these UFOs? There have been plenty of sightings and stories over the years, but we’ve never gotten an answer. Lindsey admits that most documentaries surrounding this topic require a bit of tin-foil hat wearing to fully get the big picture. That’s why he wanted to make a different story and try to break the mold and stigma around this and truly give it an objective look to see what is going on, what is and isn’t true, and where do we go from here?  

Pop culture has long gotten it wrong about what true aliens and UFOs would look like. Most picture little green men walking around, and it’s almost become a joke, so the real thing has gotten lost a little. Lindsey explains that there is a cold hard truth and evidence that there are intelligent aircraft in our airspace that are not from Earth. Some people pose the question that these unexplained aircraft might be from other countries that are just good at hiding their technology. And he admits it would be naïve to say all these sightings couldn't be those things and could be advanced aircraft we are testing. But other governments have come out and said they don’t belong to them.  

Most UFO sightings are blurry pictures and shaky videos, but there are some good ones that have never been debunked. He likes to focus on the ones captured in the 70s, 80s and 90s, before photo shop became a thing. Today, there are too many ways to fake something, but back then, those pictures were proven to be untouched and were true sightings that never received an explanation. Lindsey always brings up the theory that there is intelligent life coming from some life far away that we can’t even see with a telescope, then their technology must be far more advanced than ours.  

At first, looking into intelligent life form and UFOs just sounded like a fun idea to Lindsey. Now, his mind has changed from what he believed when he first started too today. About six months in to doing research and staring at cold hard evidence from so many places, it clicked to him that there is so much here that is real. That’s why he made the High Strange podcast with the mission to deliver the information in a way that doesn’t leave it empty handed but present the most compelling evidence there is and leave it up for you to decide what you think.  

Since there has been so much proof throughout the years, why hasn’t the government come out and said anything? What would be the motivation to lie and hide it? Lindsey thinks people higher up in the government are starting to have a more open mind to the possibility of external life form, especially since they have started the UFO program. He also thinks if the government ever did come out and admit that there is more life out there, that the younger generation would be more accepting of it because it seems like they have already accepted that possibility.  

Lindsey thinks in our lifetime UFOs and aliens will be a known fact. What he wants to tell someone who doesn’t believe at all is that we are just now seeing the end of our own galaxy without telescopes, but there are millions or more galaxies still out there. So, it’s likely that 10% of the Universe is occupied by other species. It’s valid to question if they can visit Earth or not, but if they could come from faraway places, they are probably a lot more advanced than we are. Lindsey wants to stress that he is an anti-conspiracy guy, that’s why he has gone out of his way to show what really is going on.  

High Strange podcast is available now!