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Bobby Did Something Alone for the First Time in Years

Bobby Bones went grocery shopping by himself for the first time in years!

He had no idea the last time he went to a grocery store by himself because before he got married, he was a single man up until his mid to late thirties, so he would just go to the gas station to get what he needed or order it online. His wife usually does the grocery shopping, but she wasn’t feeling great, so he went!

When he got there, he needed her on FaceTime the whole time and she told him all the things he needed to get and where they were in the store. He got things they needed but then started grabbing fun stuff he saw and putting it in the basket. He only had one basket, but it still cost him $117! He couldn’t believe how expensive it was! Amy shared what's been helping her not spend so much at the store is getting her groceries on Instacart and seeing what is on sale through the app and only getting what is on her list.