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Amy Confesses She Went to Her Car To Scream After Long Day

Amy is on a journey to find the real her, and that means sometimes she’s going to do things that are a little nutty, and she confessed one of those times.  

After having a long day, she went into the garage and got into her car and screamed as loud as she could. Compared to where she was a few years ago, she feels like she’s in a very healthy spot in her life now where everything feels in control, but there are some frustrating things happening and that’s why she made the decision to let it all out in a private place.  

When she emerged from her car she was composed and felt better. It was healthy for her, and no one got hurt! She’s glad that she has the awareness to know when she needs a release, so she doesn’t end up exploding on someone. She figured out she can scream, get recalibrated, reset herself and go!