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Listener Gives Update About the Bryans Buying Him & His Wife Adele Tickets

Listener Elvis from Louisiana called into The Bobby Bones Show a few weeks ago saying he and his wife had saved up all year to go to Las Vegas for their 20th anniversary!

His wife is a huge Adele fan and wanted to see her show while there, but he couldn’t afford the tickets. Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, heard his story and offered to buy them the tickets. Elvis shared an update following the Bryans buying tickets for him and his wife to see Adele and how their trip to Vegas went. He said he got a text from their assistant asking for his email and about twenty minutes later, he had the tickets and couldn’t believe they spent $8,000 on two tickets for them to see her show.  

He said it was an amazing experience, and that she sounds even better in person and puts on a really great show. His wife was so happy she cried during the show and really enjoyed herself. Overall, they had an amazing time in Vegas celebrating their anniversary and could not thank the Bryans enough for the tickets!