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You Are Worthy of a Full & Beautiful Life (LIVE from Nashville)

What if you could cut through the noise in your brain, quiet the voices of doubt, unworthiness, or "not enoughness" & truly change the game for yourself? Amy’s hope for anyone listening to this is that you can finally start living the full & beautiful life that you deserve!! The LIVE shows from Nashville were truly so special & being in person was such an amazing'll feel it through your headphones!


FIRST THING: You are not crazy in feeling unworthy & you are not alone - with self-image scientist, @LeanneEllington 


SECOND THING: There are tools that can help you on this journey towards feeling worthy in all areas - with author & writing expert, @AllyFallon 


THIRD THING: You decide your own worth…not anybody else - with musical guest, @BrittneySpencer 


Cowboy Take Me Away by The Chicks

A Hundred Years Old (a Brittney original)

Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves

Outweigh (ft. Stachira) 


**We can't load 3 of the 4 songs Brittney sang on the podcast because of laws/rights/etc… but we left the Outweigh (theme song) up because Amy wrote it…so nobody can sue her for leaving it in. Haha. 


FOURTH THING: You are worthy of trying whatever it is you’ve been scared to try because “trying is cool” & you deserve to give it a go - with licensed therapist, @Kat.Defatta (also host of @YouNeedTherapyPodcast)


Special thanks to @SoulPathology (Amy's cousin, Amanda) for all of her help & to @GracieMoakler for sharing encouragement through @EmergencyConfetti with audience members that bravely opened up & asked questions!


Check out how cool Emergency Confetti is HERE

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**So grateful to Moody’s Tire for gifting a set of tires to someone at 3pm AND 7pm…such a special #PIMPINJOY moment at both shows!!!**