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Bobby & Eddie Confess They “Pulled an Amy”

Eddie confessed that he “pulled an Amy,” which to him means that she’s thinking about ten different things while she’s doing something that she should probably be paying attention to.

Eddie said he’s been spacey lately and went to the grocery store and when he left, he got into the wrong car thinking it was his. He looked around to make sure no one saw, got his bag and left the car immediately. While that happened, he thought to himself that he pulled an Amy, which she admitted that happened to her twice.

Bobby Bones admitted he also pulled an Amy recently. He and his wife had to drop something off at a friend's house and when they pulled up to the house, they saw the wife staring out the window with her arms crossed and looking mean. They started walking to the front door when they noticed her husband come up behind her and then realized they were at the wrong house. Their friend's house was two houses down, which he did admit looked very similar.