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Amy Had Underwhelming Podcast Interview With A Big Celebrity

Amy had an interview for her podcast ‘4 Things with Amy Brown’ that she was really excited about, but it didn’t turn out well. She had been waiting weeks and weeks for it, but when she finally met with the person, it was so underwhelming.  

She did the interview over Zoom and could feel the energy that they didn’t really want to be there. The person is someone really famous, so she was kind of shocked they even agreed to do an interview with her in the first place. She’s not sure what to do with it now because she said to her there is no value in putting it up and doesn’t know what listeners would get from it.  

She follows them on Instagram and can see they are on tour right now and a lot of other people are having them on their podcast and the energy is amazing for them! So, she thinks she may not have received the same because maybe they viewed her as not “important enough,” which was disappointing because as a professional they should’ve pulled it together.