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Employee of the Month Chosen for the Month of March

The Bobby Bones Show's Employee of the Month was chosen for March! 

Bobby Bones wants to recognize the employee who shined the most in the last month. The winner gets to spin the wheel and possibly win some money. They can also choose to do self-promotion or block someone else from winning Employee of The Month in the future.   

Raymundo was last month's winner. LunchboxEddieAmyMorganRaymundo and Abby all pitched why they should win, but Amy came out the champion and was crowned the show's Employee of The Month for March! 

Amy was chosen for the great content and vulnerable moments she shared on the show in March! She chose to do self-promotion and asked that people go to their podcast app and like and subscribe to her podcast ‘4 Things with Amy Brown.’ She just put out her live episode from Nashville that is really great! And she asked that people give it a 5-star review and follow her on socials @radioamy and you can find all her links in her link tree in her Instagram bio. She will also get a post on the show’s Instagram page dedicated to her!