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Lunchbox Claims He Interviewed Tom Hanks

Lunchbox looked for a big guest to book for an interview on The Bobby Bones Show and claimed he got Tom Hanks by finding his number on the web and calling him.

When he called, he started saying what a big fan he is and listed his movies, that’s when the person on the phone told him his name is Tom Hanks, but he’s not the actor. Lunchbox wouldn’t listen though and kept talking to him as if he was the actor Tom Hanks until he hung up on him.  

He then called him back again and this time the caller played along that he was the actor Tom Hanks before hanging up again. Lunchbox called him back one more time and this time the guy got angry and yelled at him that he is not the actor Tom Hanks, he is in real estate, and he gets these kinds of calls all the time and once again hung up on him.