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Lunchbox Presents Bobby With Check From Their Business

A long time ago, Lunchbox and Bobby Bones bought a storage unit together that was full of items.

The deal was Bones would pay for 75% of it, and Lunchbox would do the work selling the items that were inside the unit and they would split however much money was made from the items sold. The unit contained a variety of different items, but mainly a bunch of shoes. But over the last few weeks, multiple things went wrong every time Lunchbox tried to sell the shoes and a bunch of people got refunds.

Today on The Bobby Bones Show (April 3) Lunchbox presented Bones with a big check of how much they made from their storage unit business! The total Bones received was: $389! He originally put in $160 so he made $229. The check had a 2024 date on it and Lunchbox asked him to wait to cash it because he doesn’t have all the money yet. He’s waiting for some March Madness payments and other people to pay him back before he has the full amount in his account. Bones said he’ll give him to the end of the week to get the money and after that he’ll add an additional $10 per day.