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Eddie’s 9-Year-Old Likes To Argue With Umpires At His Games

Eddie has two kids who are playing baseball right now, and they are really good, but they like to argue with the umpires at the games.

His 9-year-old son plays second base and when he caught the ball and tagged the player, the umpire said he was safe. Then his son started arguing with him that he was out. Eddie was proud that his son believed in himself and stood up for himself, but his wife didn’t like it and thought it was tacky. Bobby Bones and Amy agreed with Eddie’s wife. They said it’s the coaches' job to argue with the umps, and the kids should focus on playing. And if he continues that behavior, it could get him kicked out of games and disliked by his teammates. Lunchbox also agreed it doesn’t benefit his kid in any way and he doesn’t look cool doing it.  

They told Eddie to tell his kids to respect the chain of authority, especially when playing ball because they’ll get kicked out of the game and he’ll look bad as a parent.