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The Craziest Random Acts of Kindness We’ve Ever Experienced

A story about an Uber driver donating his kidney to a stranger he met in his car who needed one inspired The Bobby Bones Show to share the craziest acts of kindness they ever personally experienced.  

  • Bobby Bones shared when he was 9 years old, he would only get one gift for Christmas since his family didn’t have much, and one day a stranger came to his house with 12 huge gifts to give him and his family! He also shared that when he lived in Little Rock, Arkansas and was doing the night show on the radio station there, he ran out of gas on his way to work. So, he pulled over, left his gas tank lid open and walked to the gas station to get a gas can, but they didn’t have any. When he came back to his car it was filled and the person who did it wasn’t there! 
  • Amy shared that so many people helped her with the adoption process from Haiti, but one family, the Hamilton's, took so much time to really help them. They even introduced her to the former Prime Minister of Haiti. He helped with the process of getting her kids home because it was taking years and he introduced her to many people that were able to make sure she could adopt both kids and bring them home soon.  
  • Mike D shared that when he was living in Austin, Texas he went into a music store and saw his dream guitar that he had wanted since a kid. He was broke at the time, so he just posted a picture of it on Instagram saying how cool the guitar was. The next day he received a call from the shop saying the guitar had been fully paid for and he could pick it up. Bones saw the post and got it for him!  
  • Eddie recalled a time when he and his wife were dating in college, they wanted to see U2 but couldn’t afford tickets, so they drove hours away just to sit outside the stadium and listen to the music. When a guy approached them asking if they wanted to buy tickets, he explained how they had no money, so he offered him one of the tickets for free. Someone nearby overheard it and offered him another free ticket! So, they both got to go to the concert for free.
  • Raymundo’s was from when his car was on its last legs and Bones bought him the $900 tires he needed. And, when Amy bought him and his wife a flight to Michigan when he told them he was going to drive home for a funeral.  
  • Lunchbox shared that when he was 12 years old, he snuck down to the box seats at a Houston Astros game against the Chicago Cubs and two ladies started heckling him saying no Cubs fans were allowed. He started talking to them and then they told him if he ever needed tickets to an Astros game to email them because they had season tickets behind the dugout! He emailed them numerous times over the years and went to many games and those two women were even at his wedding and he’s still friends with them to this day!