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The Show Admits Place They Never Want To Visit Again

Everyone on The Bobby Bones Show got to ask one question to get to know each other better! Find out their questions and answers below:  

Bobby Bones' question: Where is a place you've been and you never wan to to go back?

  • Bobby Bones: The football stadium in Starkville, Mississippi because they ring the cowbell all game long and when you leave you can hear nothing but cowbell. He has nothing against the town, he just hates the football stadium. 
  • Eddie: The Las Vegas strip where all the casinos are. He likes the city, just not the strip. 
  • Lunchbox: The hotel that he stayed at for the Diamond Mine in Arkansas. He said it was the nastiest place he’s ever been.
  • Morgan: Philadelphia. She went and saw everything she needed to see in one day and doesn’t need to go back.
  • Amy: Mexico, she doesn’t feel like she needs to go back. 

Amy's question: Is there anybody in the room that will admit to even 1% that the earth could maybe be flat?

  • Everyone said no.

Eddie's question was about Lainey Wilson when she was in studio. He brought up that she has her Ram Trucks partnership after they did a commercial for them together. Wilson told Eddie that she was going to get him a truck. Now Eddie wants to know if anyone thinks Wilson was serious about getting him a truck?

  • Bobby said no, she was likely messing with him.

Lunchbox's question: Has anyone tried something new?

  • Bobby Bones: Started using Chat GPT.
  • Lunchbox: Watched women's basketball.
  • Amy: Started a meditation challenge.
  • Eddie: Tried Ginger ale.
  • Morgan: Shaved her face.

Morgan's question: What is something you keep wanting to smell despite the fact that it doesn't smell particularly good?

  • Bobby Bones: Gasoline.
  • Amy: Her dog.
  • Lunchbox: His socks.
  • Eddie: When his kids pee in a diaper.
  • Morgan: Nail polish.