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Lunchbox Gives Update On His Stocks After Listener Says It’s Not Real

A listener called into the show wanting to know if Lunchbox’s stock investing was real or if the show is just trying to be funny because they couldn’t believe he is that bad with numbers. Bobby Bones assured them that it is funny but also very real.  

Bones, Amy and Lunchbox all put $30 in Lunchbox’s investment account because he thought he could make money in the stock market. With the $90 total he has to invest, he’s so far made $96.70. He said he’s down 1.79% today, but that he hit a home run and made them some money. He read about WWE and UFC merger, he went and bought .11 WWE stock and today the stock is up $4.22. But Bones informed him that number is only what the stock is up and with what he invested he is only up about 40 cents.  

He also invested in Academy Sports, Revance Therapeutics, Airbnb, Rolls Royce, Apple, Tesla, AMC, and WWE but everything is down. Lunchbox is left with $1.31 buying power left. Bones and Amy said they will both give him another $31 so he can buy full stock of WWE