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Eddie Wants To Be Done With This Mexican Tradition

Eddie thinks he is done with a Mexican tradition he’s been doing his entire life, which is hitting a piñata.

Ever since he was a little kid there would be a piñata at every type of celebration. The tradition was to fill it up with candy and have all the kids hit it with a stick until it broke open and all the candy fell out. For Easter, he bought one that was a cute little bunny and he filled it up with candy and watched the kids beat the crap out of it. He said they loved “killing” this bunny piñata. The feeling he had while watching it happen made him wonder if it was a good tradition that he wanted to continue with. He thinks it might’ve just been because the piñata was of a cute bunny, if it was of something he hated, he’d probably would’ve felt differently.  

Bobby Bones suggested he doesn’t kill the traditions, just to find piñata that he hates.