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Lunchbox & Morgan Argue Over Free Gift Card Situation

Lunchbox and Morgan had a little debacle yesterday over some free gift cards that were given out at a Dunkin’ Donuts truck that was at the studio. They both shared their side of the story on The Bobby Bones Show.  

Lunchbox went out to the truck to get some donuts and coffee but was told they only have coffee and gift cards to give. He thought it was great because his kids would love to get some donuts! They told him they only had two left, that’s when Morgan said she needed one and to not give Lunchbox both. So, she took one and he got one, but he thought she shouldn’t have gotten one since she doesn't have kids and wouldn’t be taking them to get donuts. He wanted to use the moment as a special occasion for his kids and a learning moment to bring them to Dunkin’ and have them pay with the gift cards so they can know the importance of paying for something.  

Morgan’s side is when her and Lunchbox walked to the food truck together the employee handed both her and Lunchbox a gift card for coming. That’s when he tried to snatch the one out of the employee’s hand, as she’s giving to Morgan and said she didn’t deserve one because she doesn’t have kids. He kept trying to grab the gift card out of Morgan’s hand as she was talking to the employee.  

Bobby Bones, Amy, and Eddie sided with Morgan and thought it was ridiculous Lunchbox said she didn’t deserve a gift card just because she doesn’t have kids. Morgan still has the gift card and thinks it only has about five dollars on it.