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Things We’ve Learned About Life Thanks To TikTok

The Bobby Bones Show shared things they’ve learned from TikTok in TikTok Show and Tell today! Some of the things we've learned things to TikTok include why you should protect your home from Google Street view, how to clean your shoes with just a potato, the reason the phrase "because" can help you cut in line, and how to keep bugs out of your house. Plus, we learned a magic trick and a crazy story behind a massive country artist performing at big award show.

Bobby Bones learned how to blur your house and car on Google Street view to protect your privacy.

He also learned how to clean your shoes just using a potato.

And how tea bags can make your shoes smell good and how you can make stainless steel shine!

Amy learned that nine times out of ten you’ll be able to cut in line using the world “because.”  

Eddie learned in 1994 Alan Jackson was told he was playing the ACM Awards before the show, but his band was playing a track, so they wouldn’t actually be playing live. He didn’t like that, so he told his drummer to play without sticks.  

Lunchbox found a magic trick involving math! It said if you put your shoe size and add two zeros minus the year you were born, plus the year you’re on, you should get a number that has the last two digits of the age you are or the age you’re turning that year.  

Morgan learned that a bar of soap can keep bugs out of your house if you rub it on the inside of your door frame!  

Photo: Getty Images