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Bobby Recalls Moment When FBI Pulled Him off Air for Questioning

Once Bobby Bones was on-air when he got pulled off the show by the FBI for questioning.

He said someone in a suit came up to the studio door and told him he needed to come with them, and he had no idea what was going on. They presented their FBI badges to him, and Bones left in the middle of the show. At first, he thought it was a prank, until they walked him to the General Managers office, and he noticed all the windows were covered with newspapers.  

They told him they needed to ask him questions about threats about the President of the United States. He started to question what he might’ve said, and thought maybe he just said a bad joke, but he couldn’t recall any threats he might have made. When they handed him a piece of paper and asked if he ever said or wrote the statement, he said no and realized it wasn’t him and thought someone was pinning it on him. Someone with his name was posting threats about the President. Bones told them they could go through his computer and all his accounts and check the history to prove it wasn’t him who was making these threats.  

This interrogating lasted for about 15 minutes until they admitted they knew it wasn’t him, but they had to go through all the steps to make sure. Turned out someone was trying to get him in trouble, and they knew who it was and arrested someone else. Bones admitted he was scared to death at the time.