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Bobby Calls Lady A’s Request Line for Specific Song Requests

Lady A is interacting with their fans in a cool way for their Request Line Tour. Throughout the tour, fans can call 615-882-1975 and ask for their favorite Lady A songs to be added to the show's set list. 

Instead of requesting some of their biggest hits that are probably already on the set list, Bobby Bones called to request a few curve ball suggestions to see if the band can keep their word. When you call, you get a voice recording of them saying you can request their hits, some deep cuts or covers and to say which show you’ll be attending.  

These are the cover song requests Bones made for their show happening in Nashville this Friday (April 14):  

And some songs for the kids like something from The Wiggles or “Baby Shark.”  Lunchbox also suggested “What Does The Fox Say?”