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Bobby Bones Announced Nominees for This Year’s ACM Awards

For the first time, Bobby Bones announced the nominees for the 58th ACM Awards on his show The Bobby Bones Show this morning (April 13.) He announced some of the major categories including Entertainer of The Year and Male and Female Artist of The Year among others.  

To prepare for the occasion, Bones wore a suit and tie while he opened the envelopes. The first category he announced was for Entertainer of The Year, he went on to announce more of the categories and nominees Miranda Lambert and Jordan Davis called into the show to talk about their nomination too!  

Miranda Lambert, who is nominated for Female Artist of The Year and Album of The Year for Palomino, said that she was thrilled because that album was such a labor of love for her. She said this album felt differently than her other projects because it was sort of a concept record. While writing the songs for it, she got to make up interesting characters that lived throughout the country and it mapped out the record.  

First time nominee for Male Artist of The Year, Jordan Davis, also called from his kitchen where he said he was pacing back and forth because it’s so crazy to be nominated. He didn’t expect to be nominated and feels like this is a major marking point in his career. He said he’s going to start practicing his face when they show all the nominees in the crowd on TV.  

You can see the full list of nominees here.