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Bobby Bones Show Shares What They’d Likely Be Arrested For

A prisoner behind bars with hands cuffed

Photo: fStop

The Bobby Bones Show went around the room and answered what they would most likely be arrested for. Find out their answers below!  

  • Eddie – Urinating in public. He said he doesn't do it anymore, but he used to a lot.
  • Lunchbox – Dine and dash. Since he's always trying to get free food.
  • Amy – Accidentally shoplifting at the grocery store. Sometimes when she goes to the grocery store, she doesn't use a cart or basket because she only needs one or two things, but then ends up grabbing more and can't hold it all so she puts it in her purse.
  • Bobby Bones – Theft of an animal if he saw a dog being mistreated, he would steal it.  

Photo: Getty Images