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Lunchbox Yelled at Celebrity Guest That Stopped by for Mike D’s Podcast

Abby spilled the tea on Lunchbox for yelling at a celebrity guest that stopped by for Mike D’s “Movie Mike’s Movie Podcast.” 

Broken Lizard and Adrianne Palicki came to the studio to record, and Abby recognized Palicki as Tyra from the show Friday Night Lights. Abby was helping them leave when she heard Lunchbox yell from down the hall, “Hey, where’s Riggins?” He was so excited to see her, but didn’t know her real name, so he referenced who her character dated in the show. He didn’t get much of a response from her, she said he was fine and laughed a little, but that was it. He thought it was funny, but Abby said it was a really cringey moment and he should’ve just said he was a fan of the show.