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Amy Mistaken as Mom of Bobby’s Wife Caitlin

Amy was running errands with Bobby Bones' wife, Caitlin, when a man came up them and asked if she was her mom.

Amy is 42 and Caitlin is 31, and they’ve been asked if they are related before, but usually people ask if they are sisters. Caitlin tried to help her out and said if that was the case Amy would have had her really young. The man tried to recover from his comment and said, “Oh, yeah, you would’ve been like two.” Amy said he looked like he was around her age so she’s not sure why he thought that, or if he just said it to be funny. She admitted the comment hurt though.  

Lunchbox thought he said it as a move to try and hit on Caitlin. Eddie thought he said it trying to hit on Amy because he thought she was a hot mom. Bones thought he said it because he was just looking for something to say and that she shouldn’t let it bother her! The awkward situation made Amy feel old, so she jokingly texted her face person she needs to get a facial.