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Audio From Lunchbox’s 911 Call Of A Drunk Driver Incident

One of Lunchbox’s favorite things to do is call 911. Most of the time, The Bobby Bones Show members don’t think what he calls them for is necessary, but they agreed he did the right thing after he called them last week because of a reckless driver incident.  

He was leaving a soccer game and a white truck in front of him was swerving all over the road and it was clear it was a drunk driver. He called 911 to report them and thought they would come to pull him over and send him to the drunk tank. So, he followed them, even though it was the opposite direction he needed to go to get him.  

During the call he described how the truck was all over the road and the call-taker told him to not follow the truck and just try to get the license plate number, but he never got close enough to give it to her. She said she would let the officers know about the incident, but Lunchbox felt like she was annoyed with him on the phone and didn’t see any police come. The show thinks she wasn’t annoyed, there just wasn’t much she could do about it because he couldn’t provide that much information.