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Bobby Shares His First Text Message to Jim Nantz

Bobby Bones confessed on his sports podcast, 25 Whistles, that he texted Jim Nantz, who is the announcer for The Masters, Final Four and NFL Football with Tony Romo.  

Bones wanted to interview him for his podcast after they met in California at The Pebble Beach Pro-Am. He got his number but was too intimidated to text him and waited for weeks to reach out. He finally did and sent him a lengthy message and he’s worried he might’ve come on too strong.  

In the message he recalled how they met and that he knows where his house is and that they live close to each other in town. He then invited him to come to the studio or get dinner together sometime if he wanted a friend. He then closed the message with a smiley face and laughing emoji.  

The show thought he shouldn’t have said he knows where his house is, and instead should have just said he knows he lives in town. Nantz responded and said he’d be back in town in August, and it would be an honor to come on the show to talk about the NFL. He ended the message saying Bones had a nice golf swing, but he ignored his dinner and friend request.