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Bobby Shares Things That Seem Innocent, But Are Actually Dangerous

Bobby Bones saw an article on BuzzFeed about things that can be a lot more dangerous than you think.  

Here are some of the things he learned:

  • Eating grapefruit while on medication can have many bad reactions. Ranging from not making the medication work at all, to making the medication more toxic. So, make sure to research if your medication goes well with grapefruit.
  • Driving while tired can be as dangerous as drunk driving once you reach a certain level of tiredness.
  • Overusing Tylenol can cause liver failure. And if you get a headache while drinking alcohol, take Advil instead of Tylenol because it’s better for your liver.
  • Brazilian Butt Lifts are an extremely dangerous cosmetic surgery.  
  • Not having enough sodium can throw your body out of whack and make you pass out. So don’t avoid salt all together.
  • If you get punched in the face you could fall from the punch and hit your head, causing further negative consequences.  
  • Putting your feet on the dashboard of your car can be extremely dangerous if you get into an accident. The impact from the crash will cause your knees to be pushed back against your body and can break your legs, ribs, face and more.  

You can check out the full list here.