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Eddie’s Dilemma About Getting Remarried Friend Wedding Gift

Eddie is in a dilemma and brought the situation on The Bobby Bones Show in hopes they can help him navigate the situation.  

He has a friend that is getting remarried, and he and his wife have remained friends with both him and his ex-wife. They went to their original wedding and got them a gift then, and now that one of them is getting re-married, he wants to know if he needs to get them another gift, or does he get them one that is not as valuable as the original one. He’s really not sure what to do in this situation since it’s their second wedding.  

Amy said if it’s the person they are getting married to first marriage then he should get them a gift for. But if they have both been married before then they’ve been through the process before and there’s no need to do it again. Personally, she would get the remarried couple a gift that’s slightly cheaper. Lunchbox said he wouldn’t get them a gift and that it’s similar to when someone has a second baby, and they don’t do another baby shower because they already registered for stuff with the first baby. Bobby Bones said it doesn’t matter if it’s their first or third wedding, they deserve a good gift from their registry because weddings are a big deal. In the end, Eddie decided he would get them a gift from their registry.