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What It Means To ‘Be the Buffalo’ + 4 Ways to Change Your Mood Fast

Amy’s sister, Cristi Dozier, just got a new necklace with a buffalo on it and she learned from someone she works with that buffalos turn into a snow storm rather than drifting with the wind because they instinctively know that walking into the storm will get them out of the weather quicker. So next time you are faced with a challenge, whether it be a situation at work or a difficult conversation you need to have with someone, ‘Be the Buffalo’ and avoid procrastination. Go directly toward the obstacle. Take it head on. 

Amy also shares what she did today to change her mood when it turned negative!! Shout out Gabby Bernstein for these 4 things we can ask ourselves and work through to shift our mindset: How do I want to feel today? Who do I want to be today? What do I want to receive today? What do I want to give today?

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