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K9 Sings Bobby Bones Show’s Post Show Theme Song He Wrote

Aspiring rapper, K9, who sings The Bobby Bones Show post show theme song, stopped by the studio to share an update on his life and his goals.  

K9 called into the show a few years ago and sang a song he wrote for the show, that Bobby Bones liked so much, he made it the theme song for the post show. K9 came from Florida and flew for the first time in 12 years to come on the show. It’s the first time he and Bones have met. After listening to Jelly Roll, he felt inspired to go the same route he did with his music. Both K9 and Jelly Roll used to be trap rappers, but now K9 wants to focus on country rap like Jelly Roll. He said he doesn’t live the trap life anymore since he is a father of a three-year-old and is now living the dad life and has a full-time job as a landscaper. He’s also two years clean and hasn’t gotten arrested in five years!  

K9 is not looking for a handout, he’s looking for an opportunity. His goal is for someone to hear him and give him a shot. He would like to get a record deal and start creating more music because he’s tired of working every day for little money. While in studio, K9 played some new material he’s been working on, and Bones said he sounded like he’s gotten better since the first time he heard him. His biggest advice to him was to have more energy, create a TikTok and start posting his music there, and start performing at places in his hometown to get comfortable on stage in front of a crowd. Being a husband and father and working 50-60 hours a week at his job has left him with little time to focus on his music. But Bones told him before anyone invests in him, he needs to invest in himself and prove that he is dedicated.  

Some other advice Bones shared with him is to carve out time to work on his craft because there is no such thing as an excuse. Even if he only has 15 minutes while on his lunch break, jot down some notes in his phone or make a video. Anything to start working on bettering yourself and your craft. Nothing is going to start for you until you get started yourself.  

Before leaving, K9 had a message for Jelly Rolls mom, who is a fan of The Bobby Bones Show. He told her he started from the bottom like her son and is now trying to make it to the top like him. He also had a message for record labels that he is hungrier than Joey Chestnut on the 4th of July and he’s ready to go.  

K9 said he feels optimistic and is ready to put in the time and dedication needed. He plans to go home and hug his family and then create a TikTok and get to work.