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Lunchbox Calls Plastic Surgeon To Ask About Men Getting BBLs

The Bobby Bones Show was talking about cosmetic surgeries and how it’s becoming more popular for men to get Brazilian Butt lifts. 

A Brazilian Butt Lift, better known as a BBL, is where they take fat from other parts of your body and put it in your butt. Eddie said he’d get one if the show paid for it because he’s been told his whole life he does not have a butt and wants one. Lunchbox called Dr. Burgdorf from Music City Plastic Surgery who has experience with this surgery to find out more information. Dr. Burgdorf said recently he’s seen a lot more men come in asking to get a BBL, and that men want more of a square looking stronger butt, compared to the round one woman ask for.  

He said if Eddie came in with a picture of Kim Kardashian and asked to get a butt like hers, he’d tell him to not get it that big and guide him to the more masculine appearance of a square butt. Depending on how many ranges they do, it could cost between $15-$30K and its permanent! There are other options he could get done too like filler, that would cost $15K but only lasts for about two years. Then Lunchbox wanted to know what the recovery process would be and how long they had to wait until they could squeeze the butt. Dr. Burgdorf said it’s a quick recovery, but pain wise you feel pretty beat up. You can’t lay or sit on it for a while because the fat can be like Play-Doh, and it can squeeze out the size. The final results are about size months to a year, but you can squeeze it after three months.  

Now that Eddie learned more about it, he’s not going to get one.