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Megan Moroney Shares Most Famous Person That Follows Her On Instagram

Megan Moroney has become one of country's fastest rising stars. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her new music, how crazy her quick rise to fame as been and reveals who the most famous person is that follows her on Instagram.

The last six months of her life have felt like a blur, she said. She’s been touring around the country and working on her debut album, Lucky, that will be out May 5th. It all started after her song “Tennessee Orange” went viral last year. Moroney recently got back from playing her first festival, Tortuga, and said it was the loudest she’d ever heard people sing her songs, calling it a crazy experience. The success of “Tennessee Orange” has been crazy and weird she explains since it’s coming from someone who isn’t a fan of The Tennessee Vols at all. Moroney is a University of Georgia alumni and a huge Bulldogs fan, one of Tennessee’s biggest rivals. So, this is not a song about rooting for the other team. It’s about moving to Nashville and falling for a man who is a Tennessee fan. Her version of a love song she calls it. On her new record, Moroney makes sure Georgia gets it due in her song “God Plays a Gibson,” she talks about God and sings the line, “This year it’s pretty clear he’s a Bulldogs fan.”  

With Moroney’s songwriting, she makes it clear she knows exactly why she is writing the song, who it is about and makes the message as direct as possible. That level of vulnerability has led her to develop a strong connection with her fans. Her song “I’m Not Pretty” is about when her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend accidentally liked one of her photos on Instagram from back in 2016 at 2a.m. The girl probably thought she didn’t see the notification, but she did and wrote a song about it to make light of the situation. A similar situation happened to Morgan recently. Her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend started writing mean comments on some of her posts and Morgan got blocked by her ex. She said after it happened, she put Moroney’s song on repeat. Which is the goal Moroney was hoping to achieve when she wrote “I’m Not Pretty.” She took that situation and turned it into something that made her feel confident because so many girls go through a similar situation like that.  

At The University of Georgia, Moroney majored in music business and once did an internship for Kristian Bush of Sugarland. At the time, she wasn’t an aspiring songwriter, so she didn’t tell him about her music goals until she moved to Nashville. She just won her first CMT Award for Breakthrough Female Artist and said she truly did not think she would win so she didn’t have a speech prepared. She kind of blacked out in that moment, and just remembers her manager next to her freaking out and walking to the stage. She didn’t even realize there were cameras in front of her face at the time and said when she walked off stage she didn’t even know if she spoke English. She thinks it’s also from being star struck by Parker McCollum, who she had never met before at the time. Looking back, she wished she didn’t say, “Holy crap.” 

Before leaving, Moroney answered five awkward questions listeners sent in:  

  • Who is the most famous person that follows her on Instagram? - Gwen Stefani.  
  • Who is the last celebrity to DM her? - Matthew Ramsey, the lead singer of Old Dominion.  
  • Does she get clothes for free? - Yes.  
  • Does she dye her hair? - Of course.  
  • Does she fabricate stories about her ex’s to have better stories for songs? - As a songwriter, not every line is always going to be completely true, but the core of the stories is true.  

Moroney is currently on her Pistols Made of Roses Tour, the name steaming from a line in her song “I Love Me” that is on her EP. Then in May she will open for Brooks & Dunn on their Reboot tour.  

While in studio, Moroney performed “Tennessee Orange” and “Girl In The Mirror,” that you can watch below!