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The Bobby Bones Show Admits Their Strong Opinions On Small Issues

Members of The Bobby Bones Show went around the room and admitted the small issues they have a strong opinion on. Find out their answers below!

  • Mike D is upset that they are doing a live remake of the movie Moana, even though it only came out in 2016. He thinks you shouldn’t make a remake until at least 20 years after it originally came out.  
  • Eddie’s is for people to leave Justin and Hailey Bieber alone! He wants to see their relationship succeed and just because they’re famous does not mean we get to know all about their business.  
  • Lunchbox's is to stop asking for tips everywhere. Everywhere you go people ask for tips, even for things that don’t require one. 
  • Amy’s is that the toilet paper should go over and not under. If she’s at someone’s house and they have it under, she will switch it the other way.  
  • Bobby Bones had multiple:  
    • Songs that have sirens in them should not be played on the radio.  
    • If someone cheats with you, and then you two start dating, they will cheat on you.  
    • If there is an agreed upon time to be somewhere, don’t show up late. And if the agreed upon time has been set, you don’t need to check back in to make sure it still works.  
    • Cereal goes in before milk 
    • You should never call your pets “fur babies” 
    • Don’t use the word “literally” if you don’t mean it.  
    • And when people say they do or give more than 100%.