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Bobby’s Friend Shares Crazy Toll Road Story About Owing $65,000

Photo: Zack Massey

Bobby Bones friend, Steve, used to drive through a road toll for years without paying. He left a message sharing what happened from doing that on The Bobby Bones Show!  

He said he was working a job where he had to go through a toll every day to get there. When he’d drive through the toll, he thought they were taking money from the tag on his car, and he’d get a bill in the mail. Seven years later he got a letter in the mail with a court date. When he went there were some toll people there and they gave him a piece of paper saying he owed $65,000!  

They cut him a 10% deal and it went down to about $6,500. So, every month for years he paid them $180. Then after he completed it, they came up with a forgiveness plan for people with late fees, but at that time he had already paid everything off.