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Eddie Shares His Punishment Report on Martin Van Buren

The Bobby Bones Show played the U.S. Citizen game last week, and Eddie lost so as punishment he had to do a report on President Martin Van Buren because he mentioned his name as a random answer once.  

Eddie delivered his presentation in front of the show and with a teacher on the phone who graded him. The teacher also was sent a copy of his report. He prepared three pages worth of information but said he didn’t really proofread it and it had a lot of spelling mistakes. He thought it was dumb he had to write a report on a President who died years ago and didn’t feel smarter after putting it together.  

In Eddie’s report, he talked about his upbringing, how he became the 8th U.S. President and mentioned some facts about his personal life. In the end, he said Marin Van Buren isn’t considered the one of the best Presidents because of how the finical situation was while he was in office, and he wasn’t elected for a second term.  

The teacher said his presentation was better than the written report. When she read his paper, she gave him a B because it had a lot of valuable information, but she wouldn’t have accepted some of the language he used in it. She gave his presentation an A- and said it was really well done.