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Raymundo Attends Sam Hunt’s Las Vegas Residency

Over the weekend, Raymundo attended Sam Hunt’s concert in Las Vegas! The seats he ended up getting for free were next to the original seats he bought, and he was sitting with all the marketing and label people, so he gave himself a one drink limit to make sure he was tame.  

He shared his top five shocking good and bad things that happened!  

  1. They made the meet and greet special for him! He was able to talk to Hunt for more than three minutes about his life and give him advice. Ray told him he’s a legend that paved the way for Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs and gave him props for stepping away at the height of his career. Raymundo and his wife also got a picture with him, but he cropped it because there were some people in it he didn’t know.  
  2. His wife won over $3,000 at slot machines! He had to pay taxes on one of them, but the other two slots she won on they didn’t have to.  
  3. He saw basketball player Allen Iverson! He took a video of him when Iverson’s security came over and tried to get him to delete it, so he ran away and still has the video.  
  4. The concert reminded Raymundo how huge Hunt is. It was at Resorts World Casino, and he could’ve sold out five shows there.  
  5. Gavin DeGraw delayed his plane for an hour because his dog didn’t have the proper paperwork to get on the plane.  

At Raymundo’s show, Hunt shared that he and his wife are expecting another baby, and Raymundo was one of the first people to share the news! In the end he rated his trip 10 out of 10.