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Abby Had Surprise Waiting in Hotel Room Before Half-Marathon Race

Abby ran in the half-marathon raising money for St. Jude over the weekend.

Because she raised over $3,000, one of the perks she got from it was being able to stay at a hotel downtown for two nights for free. It was a nice perk because she could just walk down to the race instead of driving there and trying to find parking. She went to the hotel the night before and was running late so she quickly checked in and when she busted into her room there was already a couple in there! It startled her so much she screamed. The hotel accidentally gave her a key to a room that was already being used. 

After talking with the people who were already in the room, they told her right before she came in the TV said, “Welcome Abby.” Luckily, nothing bad happened when she went into their room, and they went to the front desk and figured everything out. This served as a reminder to make sure to do the extra latch lock on the door when staying at a hotel!