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Bobby Bones Helps Listener With Aspirations Of Becoming Voice Over Actor

Photo: Zack Massey

Listener Jordan messaged Bobby Bones that she is an aspiring voice over actor who has taken a bunch of lessons but has gotten scammed a few times so she’s not sure what to do next. Bones called her to listen to some of her VO examples she sent over and helped her.  

She converted a closet in her house into a sound room and recorded three VO’s; one for a 7-11 commercial, a movie trailer for Big Fish, and a sweeper for The Bobby Bones Show. For the 7-11 VO everyone thought it was really good for a first run, and Bones suggested she re-do it with some more energy. For the movie trailer, Bones' advice was for her not to chase the traditional movie trailer voice and re-do it with her own voice. And for the sweeper they thought it sounded great!  

She is going to re-do them for the show to listen to again.