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Lunchbox Prank Called Like He Was Stuck in Claw Machine

Last week, The Bobby Bones Show shared a story about a kid getting stuck inside a claw machine and the fire department had to rescue him.

So, Lunchbox called a claw machine company wanting to pull a prank. He called and said he saw an Elmo doll inside of the machine that his kids would love, so he climbed inside of it and is now stuck. He told the person on the phone where he was located, and they put him on hold while they sent someone to “rescue him.”

When she got back on the phone with him, she said they sent someone to where the claw machine was located, and they didn’t see anyone stuck inside. That’s when he admitted it was a prank and he was very pleased with himself that she fell for it. The lady sounded annoyed and hung up on him.