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Bobby and Lunchbox Reveal Contents of Storage Unit They Purchased

Bobby Bones and Lunchbox bought a storage unit that was full of items months ago.

When they purchased it, they only saw a picture from the outside of it and weren’t told exactly what was in it. They donated some of the clothes that were inside of it and sold the shoes, but never revealed what else was in there until now.

Lunchbox’s wife went with him to start going through the storage unit and after opening one box she didn’t want to do it anymore because she didn’t like what she saw. There were two different boxes with bullets in them. One had eight missing and the other had seven missing. There was also a silencer with a laser and burner phones. They got scared and immediately thought the items might be part of an unsolved case, or the person who once owned them is either in jail, dead or on the run. Lunchbox got rid of all the items and doesn’t want to talk about the storage unit anymore because he still feels so weird about the items that were in it.